Olios giganteus
(Giant Crab Spider)

Picture ID 9646

Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) - Female - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

Believe this spider is Olios Giganteus.

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That ID appears spot on to me, great picture!


The pedipalps look a bit small for a male, if it’s already a decent size. So I’ll go with female tentatively.


Hi, and welcome to the site, Yes, you called this correctly, certainly female, and they are no more a treat than a honey bee, that is IF you can provoke one to bite. I played with plenty of these when I was younger, but I will say this seems to be a darker morph from what I am familiar with.
Heteropoda venatoria has been introduced to the southland now also,but doubt that would be the case.
If videos are permitted here, this is much what I have encountered:
If you spook them, they are fast.


Hi, it isn’t so much the light as the heat which attracts bugs. A huntsman living in my room, chilled on the wall up high, mainly where moths are flying and likely mites on the wall. A bit warm near ceilings.
He would sit for hours, move a ways and sit some more. What is cool about these is they can hunt in pitch dark, catch a moth in mid flight. These Olios like yucca plants for the bugs around those.


Hi, I never kept one of these for pets, a similar spider in Florida would take a moth from tweezers as long as you are slow. She doesn’t look big enough to be gravid, but could be getting ready to molt. Can’t guess age here but past juvenile.
The only web these make are dragline silk or a sleeping bag where they overwinter.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) - Ventral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture