Picture ID 96576

Picture of unidentified spider
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  • Submitted: Nov 30, 2019
  • Photographed: Nov 28, 2019
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: MEATH, Ireland
  • Spotted Indoors: Garage or shed
  • Found in web?: Yes
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It looks like Steatoda grossa, a False Black Widow. They aren’t medically dangerous to people or pets. They are very good at killing other spiders and insects.


The markings aren’t always easy to see. Steatoda grossa has the darkest body and the faintest markings of the Steatoda in Ireland. I’ve had some Steatoda in my yard that I couldn’t see markings on though I really tried both in-person and with photos. The markings on False Widows in Europe and North America aren’t particularly distinct. They’re gold, silver, or pale white on spiders that look brown, red, gold, or black. This link is to one of my photos where I couldn’t see the markings. It’s a centipede killing Steatoda borealis. I see the markings now that our site… Read more »