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Cross orb-weaver. She’s been living on our front window (oakland CA) for 2 months - even in the rain like today! She goes into the corner of the window every night and comes back to her web during the day. We named her Charlotte and have adopted her as a pet. It’s been fascinating to watch her catch insects and weave a web around them. After they become a mummy we’re not sure where they go!!

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  • Submitted: Dec 1, 2019
  • Photographed: Dec 1, 2019
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Oakland, California, United States
  • Spotted Outdoors: Man-made structure (building wall, fences, etc.)
  • Found in web?: Yes
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Yes, she’s an Araneus diadematus. That’s an interesting question….where do the bug mummies go? orbweavers in family Aranidae eat their used webs. I think they eat the silk they used to wrap prey also. Other kinds of spiders may also. I saw a male spend so long courting a female that he took a snack break and stole a little bit of old silk bug wrapper out of her web and ate it. He never got to mate with that female.