Artema atlanta
(Giant Daddy-long-legs Spider)

Picture ID 9797

Picture of Artema atlanta (Giant Daddy-long-legs Spider) - Male - Dorsal

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And I thought I was alone... scared the Sh$# out of me. I am in Gilbert AZ (Phoenix). I sure hope someone can identify this unwelcomed visitor drinking the run off of my ice machine (in the kitchen next to my fridge). He is about 2-2.5 inches (including legs). Back legs are super long. Thanks!

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Hi, and welcome to the site. You are out of rage for both giant house spider or hobo spider, Just a hunch here, but I might suggest one of the spitting spiders in the Scytodidae family. Scytodes thoracica is within your range. One of the friendly spiders.


Wow this one took me a bit. I thought initially Agelenidae due to the abdominal markings are long legs, then some sort of wanderer/prowler.

I think I have it pinned though to a Pholcidae: Artema atlanta or the Giant Daddy-long-legs spider.


I agree Disco’s ID looks good. They are considered to be the largest species of Pholcid (Cellar Spider) in the world so that fits your description of it having a substantial leg diameter.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Artema atlanta (Giant Daddy-long-legs Spider) - Male,Female - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Artema atlanta (Giant Daddy-long-legs Spider) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture