Blakistonia aurea
(Adelaide Trapdoor Spider)

Picture ID 9809

Picture of Blakistonia aurea (Adelaide Trapdoor Spider) - Male - Dorsal

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I think it’s a trapdoor spider!
I live in the Eastern suburbs in Adelaide, South Australia in a suburban area. This was found in my front garden being climbed on by a redback spider. We’ve had substantial rain over the past three days so I’m thinking it must have gotten washed out of its burrow.

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Hi, and welcome to the site. this is certainly one of the Ctenizidae family which includes trap door spiders. I just don’t know the different genus ad species of the Australian variety.


Hi, Thanks for the update, I will add this to my personal files.


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 Your spider has been filed. Thank you for sharing.