Phoneutria boliviensis

Picture ID 9815

Picture of Phoneutria boliviensis - Dorsal

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Taken Quepos, Costa Rica

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HI there this may be a picture of a huntsman spider.


I’m glad you seem to have managed to remove it without incident as this appears to be a species considered to be of medical significance. Be careful if you need to remove any more. You can reduce the number of spiders you find in your home by sealing cracks around floors, doors, windows, foundation etc. Sticky traps may be used in some areas that cannot be sealed.


Hi, My ID with photos fails lately,but I see more Lycosidae (wolf spider) in this.
The eyes don’t look much like Sparassidae. Just hunch.


… Ctenidae (Wandering Spiders).


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 Based on location this looks like Phoneutria boliviensis, this species is considered to be of medical significance.

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Picture of Phoneutria boliviensis - Eyes Enlarge Picture