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Picture of unidentified spider

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I was bitten by what I was thinking might have been transplanted bed bugs...but thenfound this critter as I was cleaning...looks to me like that bulb is full of blood...probably mine! Please tell me what it is. I am still believing that I brought it home to Washington state from Central California.

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  • Submitted: Jan 9, 2020
  • Photographed: Jan 8, 2020
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Spotted Indoors: Other
  • Found in web?: No
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spiders don’t bite humans to feed, and they rarely bite at all; if you suspect you have bedbugs then it may be eating those


the picture isn’t close enough to make out any blatant identifying details but I’m taking a wild guess at some kind of Steatoda (false widow)?


Sorry about the loss of your mother. The only thing that would bite you like that that I know of, is fleas that have been waiting a long time for a meal. I hope not, a bug bomb is the only effective way to stop them. If you have cats or dogs they will need a liquid flea preventive, the kind that is dabbed between the pet’s shoulders. I’ve had to do this to my 4 pets after taking in a stray dog during a storm. Now I do a flea check before anyone else’s dog enters my house. The… Read more »


I’m so glad! I thought of you today when I was handling mystery things in the big un-presorted bins of donations at Goodwill By The Pound. The place is loaded with chemicals and spores and mystery fluids (yet going there is addictive). I noticed my hands had turned bright cherry red and swollen in reaction to something in the mixed heaps of donations, I’ve never seen the tops of my hands turn that particular color before. It could have been a substance from anything anywhere. The danger is worth it when shoppers find gold, jewels, wads of cash, and strange… Read more »