Austracantha minax
(Jewel Spider)

Picture ID 98985

Picture of Austracantha minax (Jewel Spider) - Female - Dorsal,Egg sacs

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see Picture ID 98963 and Picture ID 98981 this one is his cocoon built on a parsley branch about 15 cm from is web Its either eggs or it looks like he may have a little green grub in it.He finished yesterday and went back to his web but now he has moved under one of the old parsley flowers.Its the smartest prettiest spider I have ever seen

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Thank you for the extra photo! Yes, this is an egg sac. They are an unusual color and shape. The spiders in this species can be a variety of colors. They are also unusual orbweavers in that they are active night and day. Most orbweavers make a place to rest and hide during the day. The females may also connect their webs together to form a giant single web that can cover houses. After mating, males guard the females from other males until the female is done sending out pheromones to attract mates. Males of other spider species don’t… Read more »

Additional Pictures

Picture of Austracantha minax (Jewel Spider) - Ventral Enlarge Picture