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Picture of Selenops (Flatties) - Dorsal

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It was on my bedroom wall. I captured and released. What is it??

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I think it is a Flattie in family Selenopidae. They are not dangerous, thank you for doing a catch and release. 🙂 They are able to get really flat against walls and ceilings and fit into cracks. They hold a speed record for land animals in the time it takes them to spin their bodies around. Being low to the substrate helps with speed. All of his feet are angled toward his posterior in a circle, which makes 4 feet ready to spin the spider clockwise and 4 counterclockwise. When it moves to seize prey it will pivot on one… Read more »


*Itsy Bitsy- please check my ID* Yes, that was my back-up ID. I think Huntsmen also have feet that are turned like this. I didn’t go with that because the abdomen didn’t look like the right shape and the legs are too equal. I might be incorrect, I haven’t seen either type of spider in-person yet so I don’t have the ability to rotate them in 3D in my mind yet. Itsy Bitsy is our Site Moderator. She has much more experience working from photos than I do. She should be able to give the best answer.


Yes, I agree. A Selenops (Flattie).


Flattie’s spinning in slow-motion


I believe i caught a picture of the same kind of spider. He looks similar. From what i read his looks and movement him a Selenop. I read where there has only been # 56 sighted including your sighting. So if my pic is Selenop that would make me # 57.


Since the pandemic started, the site is super far behind on updating that type of stuff from my understanding.


That is correct. Most photos have not been filed during the pandemic. BugGuide has stayed more current with filing data, but they also have more than one person who has the access to do it. I was told that I’ll have the access in about a month. Hopefully……


Are you getting multiples of notifications too? I received FOURTEEN notifications to check your comment! Weirdly it happens mostly when you say something. I thought it was my imagination until I actually counted them. I know it isn’t something you’re doing. 🙂

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Yes, I received an excessive amount of reply notifications too!


Huntsman of some sort?

Additional Pictures

Picture of Selenops spp. (Flatties) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Selenops spp. (Flatties) - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Selenops spp. (Flatties) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Selenops spp. (Flatties) - Male Enlarge Picture