Loxosceles reclusa
(Brown Recluse)

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Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse)

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Is this a brown recluse? Found in bed under covers.

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Hi there that is a brown recluse. You can tell by the violin on his body :3


Nit really they are a little dangerous but if you leave them alone they won’t bother you. :3


They may bite if skin is pressed against them, like most spiders. They are one of the few American species that have venom that is listed as medically significant. They can bite you in bed if you both try to occupy the same space. As Articwolf said, they aren’t aggressive. Like, most animals they do bite in self-defense. Spiders have touch-sensitive bodies. Pressure against them triggers a reaction to avoid being trapped or squished. Some spiders will break off their own legs to escape. A warning bite is another option. We very rarely endorse killing spiders. This is one of… Read more »


I think TW already said some of this but here’s what I’ve learned from living with these things for years: Gluetraps are great. They will catch loads of recluse as well as crickets, roaches, ect. Never stick your hand in a dark place you can’t see, like behind or under furniture, without gloves on. They cannot bite through thick gloves like gardening gloves. Shake out your shoes, clothes, and blankets before putting them on. Cobweb spiders will eat recluse. Let some take up residence in those dusty corners where no one will notice the cobwebs. Keep an eye on your… Read more »


Galvantula, sorry about your cat. I’m glad you are warning people about that. My most recent pet death was a cat whose previous owners didn’t spay her. Every estrus cycle a female unspayed cat or dog goes through increases their breast cancer risk. She was spayed at a shelter at age 9 and died of aggressive breast cancer at 11. So, that is something I warn people about in her memory. I was wondering about suggesting introducing Steatoda or Parasteatoda spiders to the house as advice for Recluse control. In the Spring I am going to bring some Steatoda borealis… Read more »

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Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
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