Eriophora ravilla
(Tropical Orb-weaver)

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Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal,Webs

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Looks a little like a wolf spider, however it is in a web which is approx 2 ft diameter, 4-6 feet above the ground, anchored at the ground (below) and tree branches (above, maybe 10 feet above the web).

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Great photo! She looks like a Tropical Orbweaver, Eriophora ravilla. They’re rather hairy for Orbweavers. The dorsal markings can vary. The females build the big orb webs and are positioned head-down in the center, as yours is demonstrating. There are strands of silk in the center as part of the construction of the web, but they are eaten by the spider. The opening serves as a short-cut for the spider to move from one vertical side of the web to the other.


Hi, your photo has been filed into our gallery and your info into our statistics by our Site Moderator. She added the photos below for comparison. Some of the pics show the markings. Not all of the spiders in the species have visible markings. These are not dangerous spiders. The venom is not medically significant to humans nor pets. They are very unlikely to bite. Spiders generally bite humans and pets in self-defense. They have incredibly touch-sensitive bodies and are very fragile. Skin pressed against them causes them to feel pained and trapped. They bite not to injure us, but… Read more »


You’re welcome! Lights won’t help with raccoons, I grew up in an area with many of them. I don’t think there is an ethical effective repellent or control besides predation by the species that eat raccoons. Rabies runs through their population about every six years, temporarily plummeting the population number. I had a job that involved knowing how rabies spreads. It might be more rapid cycling in the South. I don’t mind diverted biology conversion, it all ties together. We used caging on our garden plants for raccoon protection but they still managed to do damage. My parents eventually gave… Read more »

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Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Female - Ventral,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture