Synema is a genus of spiders in the family Thomisidae. Synema spiders have been sighted 5 times by contributing members. Based on collected data, the geographic range for Synema includes 4 countries and 0 states in the United States. Synema is most often sighted outdoors, and during the month of May.

Taxonomic Hierarchy

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Arachnida
  • Order: Araneae
  • Suborder: Araneomorphae
  • Family: Thomisidae
  • Genus: Synema


Eugène Simon, 1864

Sightings Overview

There have been 5 confirmed sightings of Synema, with the most recent sighting submitted on June 2, 2018 by Spider ID member curiousagelena. The detailed statistics below may not utilize the complete dataset of 5 sightings because of certain Synema sightings reporting incomplete data.

  • Web: 0% of the time, Synema spiders are sighted in a spider web (Sample size: 5)
  • Sex: 1 female and 0 male.
  • Environment: Synema has been sighted 6 times outdoors, and 0 times indoors.
  • Outdoors: Man-made structure (2). On flower (1). Low foliage (3).

Location and Range

Synema has been sighted in the following countries: Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.


Synema has been primarily sighted during the month of May.

  • January:
  • February:
  • March:
  • April:
  • May: 2
  • June: 2
  • July:
  • August:
  • September:
  • October:
  • November: 1
  • December:

Synema Species