Cyclosa turbinata

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Picture of Cyclosa turbinata - Lateral,Webs

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Genus Cyclosa - Trashline Orbweavers

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Cyclosa turbinata with trashline web. A male from her web is in another post. Thank you for posting both spiders and the web!


I found this guy butted up against my wooden fence. interesting how they make the “trashline”. curious if this is debris or actual insects he/she has caught previously. If not, how do they find and make a line of debris? Curious mind of mine…:)


Apparently they inspire a lot of curiosity and there are many studies of Trashline Orbweavers. This one found that the spiders reuse the debris from previous webs they made by transporting it to the new web. It is mostly prey carcasses. They also use a sense of gravity to make the trashline stabilimentum (“decorative” additions to a web) in the 12 and 6 o’clock positions relative to the orb web. Another study found that with this species’ orb webs the spider probably can’t tell what kind of insect is in her web by the vibrations, there is too much… Read more »

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Picture of Cyclosa turbinata - Dorsal,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Cyclosa turbinata - Male - Lateral,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Cyclosa turbinata - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Cyclosa turbinata - Dorsal Enlarge Picture