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Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Spiderlings

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Spider babies! Lots of them. About 1mm. No idea what type of spider at this point.

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Baby yellow garden spiders


Yes, they’re also called Orbweaver hatchlings. Can’t tell which species at this stage. When they are ready they will scatter (avoids inbreeding).


Thanks! I didn’t know they were also called that!


Thanks for your help! I was searching to find out what the ball of spiderlings i found in my garden today and saw your picture! Yellow garden orb weavers!! i have seen an adult in the same garden only once. Looking forward to seeing more this summer here in Stevensville, Montana, USA!


I must be weird because I find this picture amazing and beautiful. Is it strange that I hope to see the same thing someday?

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