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(Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers)

Picture ID 190963

Picture of Araneus (Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers)

Comments & ID Thoughts

This was awaiting me on the steps tp our back door when completing morning chores. Looked up the name here for ID, but did not write it down. Decided to post the pic anyway. Hopefully, it will automatically ID the spider.

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Hi, I think she’s a Marbled Orbweaver, Araneus marmoreus. She looks a bit like a Shamrock Orbweaver, Araneus trifolium too. If this was a test I would go with the first answer. Our site doesn’t automatically do anything. 🙂 We’re human volunteers from around the world. I’m in Nashua, New Hampshire and hoping to finally see this species. It has a remarkable amount of markings and colors variation combos. She may be weak from the cold and the lack of flying insects to eat. If you still have her she might like a shrub or plant infested with insects.

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