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Picture of Pholcus - Lateral
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Hi, this looks like a Cellar Spider (Pholcus sp.).


You’re welcome. 🙂 (Just going off Wikipedia for the total count.) There are approximately 1,500 species of Cellar Spider (Pholcidae). The World Spider Catalog currently lists 86 genera with the genus Pholcus currently having 325 species. The common ones in your area are Pholcus phalangioides, and Pholcus manueli. I suspect yours is P. phalangioides but there’s not enough detail in the image for me to be sure I’m seeing it right. The two species are very similar looking but P. phanlangioides has a solid dark splotch on the carapace and P. manueli has a splotch that is divided down the… Read more »


There are at least 321 species in genus Pholcus. I need to get out more. I’m holding a contest for “Biggest Pholcus sp.Spider” in my house. The current champ is Mudroom Spider at 6cm diameter inc. legs.


This is a cellar spider

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