(Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers)

Picture ID 32321

Picture of Araneus (Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers) - Ventral

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Found this outside by door, the web is very strong. This picture is the underneath. I live in Wyoming.

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Hi. certainly one of the orb weavers in he Araneidae family. this venter is not one I am familiar with so no speculation for species. This time of year, they are becoming adult, sometimes gravid so they can put on he mass.
Only a hunch here but may be Araneus marmoreus, marbled orb weaver, the orange ones, affectionately called pumpkin spiders look to be carrying a tiny pumpkin:
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Sadly, these very harmless spiders soon die after laying and hiding eggs, Lucky is having an offspring around next season.


ventral image of unknown orbweaver that we also have a dorsal image of.

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